Ghaith Hattab

Graduate Research Assistant at UCLA.

Welcome to my website!

I am a PhD student in the Cognitive Reconfigurable Embedded Systems (CORES) Lab in the Electrical Engineering department at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I'm working under the supervision of Dr. Danijela Cabric.

I'm primarily interested in algorithm development, optimization, and signal processing for wireless communications systems, including the coexistence of 5G systems with incumbents (sub-6GHz and mmWave), providing connectivity for massive IoT, network densification and massive MIMO for 5G networks, and dynamic spectrum access, e.g., 5G unlicensed.

I have received my master's degree from Queen's University and my bachelor's from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in April 2014 and June 2012, respectively.


My up-to-date resume is available here (longer version here)

Recent News

- Part of my work at Bell Labs will be presented at IEEE ICC in May 2018.

- We have a paper on low-complexity user association to be presented on IEEE ICC Workshop on 5G ultra-dense networks in May 2018.

- Part of my work during my summer internship at Bell Labs has been presented by Amitava Ghosh in IEEE GLOBECOM'17, Singapore. Also, several papers have been submitted for publications, focusing on the coexistence of 5G systems with existing incumbent systems sub-6GHz and at mmWave frequencies.

- We have been recently invited to submit a position paper on our vision for unlicensed spectrum sharing over 5G networks. The paper has been published in IEEE TCCN Newsletter in Nov. 2017.

- Our work on cell range expansion over massive MIMO dense cellular networks has been published in IEEE Wireless Commun. letters.

- Our work on massive cellular IoT via mobile data aggregators has been presented in IEEE WiMob'17, Rome, Italy.

- Our work, With Keio University in Japan, on energy-efficient sleep/wake-up of small cells via machine learning has been presented in IEEE PIMRC'17, Montreal, Canada.

Last update: Jan 02, 2017

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